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Opening Repertoire : View Example Games
All example games used in the our opening repertoire recommendations.

The following table lists all example games used in the site's Opening Repertoire Recommendations. The lines that are bulleted (with •) link to a page for a specific opening variation in the repertoire. The other entries -- with year, venue, and names of the players -- link to an example game for that variation.

Click on any game to open it in the site's Game Viewer. You can step through the moves of the game or click Autoplay to watch the game like a movie.

Year Venue Players ECO
Bird's Opening
1910 Vienna Tartakower S. - Spielmann R. A03
1936 Zandvoort Tartakower S. - Prins L. A02
Reti System
1940 Netherlands Keres P. - Euwe M. A09
1924 New York Reti R. - Lasker E. A12
English Opening 1...Nf6
1942 Netherlands Van den Hoek - Euwe M. A15
1953 Switzerland Petrosian T. - Szabo L. A34
English Opening 1...e5
1940 Leningrad Botvinnik M. - Ragozin V. A28
1938 Amsterdam Botvinnik M. - Reshevsky S. A25
English Opening 1...c5
1946 Moscow Keres P. - Fine R. A34
Budapest Defense
1934 Syracuse Reshevsky S. - Denker A. A52
1932 London Alekhine A. - Tartakower S. A51
Old Indian Defense
1950 Dubrovnik Najdorf M. - Tartakower S. A55
1949 Moscow Flohr S. - Petrosian T. A55
Benoni 3...e6
1957 Vienna Smyslov V. - Filip M. A73
1960 Leipzig Penrose J. - Tal M. A65
Dutch Defense
1920 Rotterdam Reti R. - Euwe M. A83
1922 Hastings Bogoljubov E. - Alekhine A. A90
Nimzovitch Defense
1947 Oxford Mieses J. - Schenk B00
Center Counter Game
1920 Goteborg Tarrasch S. - Mieses J. B01
1960 Leningrad Bronstein D. - Lutikov A. B01
Alekhine's Defense
1949 Moscow Bronstein D. - Mikenas V. B03
1959 Riga Witkowski S. - Mikenas V. B05
Robatsch Defense
1963 New York Fischer R. - Benko P. B09
Pirc Defense
1958 Munich Bronstein D. - Palmito B09
1962 Curacao Fischer R. - Korchnoi V. B09
Caro-Kann Defense
1926 Lake Hopatcong Maroczy G. - Capablanca J. B13
1959 Yugoslavia Fischer R. - Smyslov V. B11
Sicilian Defense - Alapin Variation
1954 Amsterdam Minev N. - Najdorf M. B22
Sicilian Defense - Closed Variation
1946 Moscow Smyslov V. - Denker A. B24
1959 Munich Smyslov V. - Larsen B. B25
Sicilian Defense - Nimzovich Variation
1959 Zurich Gligoric S. - Larsen B. B29
1935 Warsaw Keres P. - Winter W. B29
Sicilian Defense - Black avoids an early ...d6
1956 Moscow Smyslov V. - Botvinnik M. B39
Sicilian Defense - 2...e6 Variations
1958 Riga Tal M. - Gipslis A. B43
Sicilian Defense - ...d6 Variations
1962 Stockholm Fischer R. - Olafsson F. B88
1959 Yugoslavia Fischer R. - Tal M. B86
French Defense
1954 Moscow Smyslov V. - Botvinnik M. C17
1911 Carlsbad Nimzowitsch A. - Salwe G. C02
Center Game
1896 Nuremberg Winawer S. - Steinitz W. C22
1959 Tbilisi Yukhtman Y. - Tal M. C44
Bishop's Opening
1912 Breslau Mieses J. - Rubinstein A. C24
Vienna Game
1940 Moscow Konstantinopolsky A. - Keres P. C29
1958 Prague Koch - Sefc C27
King's Gambit
1960 Mar del Plata Spassky B. - Fischer R. C39
1949 Budapest Bronstein D. - Szabo L. C32
Philidor's Defense
1858 Paris Morphy P. - Count Isouard C41
1929 Budapest Steiner - Brinckmann A. C41
Petrov's Defense
1955 Hamburg Matanovic A. - Kieninger C43
1914 St Petersburg Lasker E. - Marshall F. C42
Scotch Game 4...Nf6
1935 Moscow Spielmann R. - Lasker E. C47
Three Knights Game
1908 Lodz Rubinstein A. - Marshall F. C49
1912 San Sebastian Spielmann R. - Rubinstein A. C48
Giuoco Piano
1895 Hastings Steinitz W. - Von Bardeleben K. C54
1884 corr Chigorin M. - Dorrer C51
Two Knights' Defense
1954 Bucharest Ciocaltea V. - Nezhmetdinov R. C59
1949 Trencianske Teplice Paoli E. - Rossolimo N. C57
Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation
1909 St Petersburg Verlinsky B. - Alekhine A. C68
1914 St Petersburg Capablanca J. - Janowski D. C68
Ruy Lopez 4.Ba4
1931 Bled Stoltz G. - Alekhine A. C71
1959 Yugoslavia Keres P. - Gligoric S. C97
Queen's Pawn Game 2.Nc3
1956 Amsterdam Spassky B. - Filip M. D01
Queen's Pawn Game 2.Nf3
1930 Nice Colle E. - O'Hanlon J. D05
Chigorin Defense
1925 Baden-Baden Alekhine A. - Colle E. D07
Albin Counter Gambit
1920 Berlin Tarrasch S. - Tartakower S. D08
Slav Defense
1936 Nottingham Reshevsky S. - Vidmar M. D29
1935 Den Bosch Euwe M. - Alekhine A. D12
Queen's Gambit Accepted
1950 Amsterdam Stahlberg G. - Foltys J. D22
1952 Budapest Golombek H. - Smyslov V. D25
Queen's Gambit Declined
1938 Noordwijk Fine R. - Tartakower S. D68
1931 Bled Pirc V. - Alekhine A. D32
Gruenfeld Defense
1937 Moscow Fine R. - Lilienthal A. D81
1962 Varna Botvinnik M - Fischer R. D98
Queen's Indian Defense
1923 Copenhagen Saemisch F. - Nimzowitsch A. E18
1932 Amsterdam Euwe M. - Flohr S. E11
Nimzo Indian Defense
1951 Moscow Botvinnik M. - Bronstein D. E43
1950 Beverwijk Euwe M. - Kramer H. E22
King's Indian Defense
1956 Leningrad Spassky B. - Tal M. E80
1959 Yugoslavia Petrosian T. - Gligoric S. E93

Enjoy the games!

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