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Viewer Help
Need help working with the chess game viewer?

The game viewer has four sections.

(1) Board & Pieces.
(2) Controls.
(3) Game & Player Info.
(4) Moves.

(1) Board & Pieces

You can use the Flip board control to place the Black pieces at the bottom. You can also use the Autoplay control to step through the game, with a one second delay between moves.

(2) Controls

There are nine game controls.

The controls have the following functions:

Jump to game start
Back 5 moves
Back 1 move
Forward 1 move
Forward 5 moves
Jump to game end
Flip board
Autoplay (toggle)
Step into variations (toggle)

(3) Game & Player Info


Kasimdzhanov R. (2652) - Topalov V. (2737) [D27]
FIDE WCh KO/Tripoli LBA (6.1) 2004

This means that the game was played between R. Kasimdzhanov, rated 2652 Elo at the time of the game, and V. Topalov, rated 2737. The game was played in round 6.1 of the FIDE WCh KO (FIDE World Championship Knockout) at Tripoli LBA (Libya) in 2004. The opening of the game is classified under ECO code D27.

(4) Moves

Click to jump to a specific move.

We gratefully acknowledge

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