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The World Chess Championship
Zonals 1990-1993 (C15)

Index of all ZonalsC15 Qualifiers


1A Blackpool 1990-05

BCM, 1990-07, p.274

EK: How did Adams qualify over Hodgson and Suba? No reasonable tiebreak criteria puts him ahead of both. Maybe they played rapid, but such games were not recorded at that time? [Ref. BI072028]

Twitter, 2014-02-06

Mark Crowther got the year wrong, but the rest of the story can be confirmed:-

'[Leonard] Barden tells the story of a world title eliminator in Blackpool in 1990 which ended in a three-way tie. Chess players have an anarchic sense of humour and they decided to settle it using a bingo machine, each selecting a number and the winner being the one closest to that thrown up by the machine. Adams won with the number nine. "Why did you choose that?" asked one of his rivals. "It was the number of beers I drank last night," he explained.' • Source:


1B Lyon 1990-04

Europe Echecs, 1990-01, p.28


1C Yebenez 1990-05

BCM, 1990-08, p.333


2 Bern 1990-01

Schweizerische Scachzeitung, 1990-04, p.109


3A+B Stara Zagora 1990-02

(Source?), 1990-05/06, p.1

(Source?), 1990-05/06, p.2

BCM, 1990-05, p.197

Informant 49 (1990H1, p.417)


4 Lvov 1990-02


5 Mati (Nea Makri) 1990-06

BCM, 1990-08, p.331


6 Long Beach 1989-11

The list of qualifiers in the previous clipping is not accurate. Rachels isn't mentioned and two players qualified through other means. The fate of Benjamin remains unclear.

Soltis & McCormick, U.S. Chess Championship: 1845-1996, p.191+


7 Windsor CAN 1989-06


8 Cali 1990-04

Informant 49 (1990H1, p.420)


9 Sao Paulo 1989-12

Informant 48 (1989H2, p.464)


10 Doha, Qatar 1990-03

BCM, 1990-06, p.235; NB: zone 11 also mentioned

Europe Echecs, 1990-07, p.23


11 Shah Alam 1990-03

Informant 49 (1990H1, p.418)

Europe Echecs, 1990-06, p.25


14 Espoo (& Holstebro) 1989-07

Informant 48 (1989H2, p.454)

Informant 48 (1989H2, p.460)

EK: I believe there was never zone 14. This was still Zone 2B (Northern Europe). For the next cycle they redesigned the whole zone numbering anyway. [Ref. BI072028]

Informant 42 (1986H2) p.417


IZ Qualifiers

Europe Echecs, 1990-05, p.15

Europe Echecs, 1990-09, p.08