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The World Chess Championship
Zonals 1981-1984 (C12)

Index of all Zonals


1A+B->final Marbella 1982-02

BCM, 1982-04, p.141

BCM, 1982-07, p.274

BCM, 1982-07, p.274

Informant 33 (1982H1, p.328)

EK: When the playoff was inconclusive how did they break the tie? Until 1980's it was always SB which was decisive in case playoff didn't settle things, but SB only singles out Nunn and Mestel, while Van der Wiel and Stean are still tied. So what was the 2nd criterion? Also in the 1980's they started to mix things, so they could use something else as SB too. But until 1980's it was always first playoff, and if playoff is inconclusive then whoever had the better SB in the main tournament would advance. Things were a lot simpler then :) [Ref. BI072028]


2A+B->final Randers 1982-01

BCM, 1982-04, p.135

Skakbladet, 1982-03, p.36

Skakbladet, 1982-03, p.38


3 Baile Herculane 1982-01

BCM, 1982-04, p.138

Revista Romana de Sah, 1982-02, p.18

Revista Romana de Sah, 1982-04, p.?

Informant 33 (1982H1, p.325)


4 Yerevan (Erevan, not URS chp!) 1982-02


5 South Bend 1981-07

See also 'The Stress of Chess' by GM Walter Browne, p.218-219

EK: When the playoff was inconclusive they used a head-to-head record as a tiebreaker. [Ref. BI072028]


6 Montreal 1981-05

Informant 32 (1981H2, p.306)


7 Manzanillo & Bayamo (Cuba) 1981-10

Informant 33 (1982H1, p.318)


8 Moron 1982-03

BCM, 1982-06, p.245


9 Sharjah 1981-09

Informant 32 (1981H2, p.313)


10 Hong Kong 1982-02

BCM, 1982-05, p.209

BCM, 1982-08, p.351


11 Budva 1981-10

BCM, 1982-04, p.139

Informant 32 (1981H2, p.315)

Informant 33 (1982H1, p.319)


12 Tripoli 1981-10

Informant 32 (1981H2, p.315)


IZ Qualifiers

EK: Why was Smyslov in the cycle? He didn't qualify through zonal, and neither could he qualified by rating, from previous candidates or as a host nominee. He couldn't have been just chosen by Soviet federation (like in 1964-1966 cycle) because they did send 4 players from the Soviet zonal (Soviet Union had 4 zonal places) [Ref. BI072028]MW: Kasparov confirms this in My Great Predecessors II (p.375): 'After again being included in the Interzonal without having to qualify, as one of the places from the USSR zone, [Smyslov] unexpectedly went forward to the Candidates...'

EK: About Smyslov. Kasparov says that Smyslov was just awarded one of the Soviet spots. But they still send 4 players from the Soviet zonal. Where does the extra 5th spot for Smyslov come from? In the previous and next cycle Soviet Union had 4 spots, why would they have 5 just for this cycle? In cycle 6 things are clear - Soviet Union had 4 spots, one was simply awarded to Smyslov so only 3 were sent from the zonal tournament. [Ref. BI220357]

Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov, Part 1: 1973-1985 (p.365)