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The World Chess Championship
Zonals 1954-1957 (C03)

Index of all Zonals


1* EUR Munich 1954-06

BCM, 1954-08, p.251


2* URS Moscow 1955-02


3* EUR Prague (Marianske Lazne) 1954-05

Revista de Sah, 1954 no.6, p.82

BCM, 1954-08, p.250


4* USA New York 1954-05


5* CAN Winnipeg 1953-09

Canadian Chess Chat, 1953-10, p.17


6* CAM Caracas 1954-07

Di Felice, 'Chess Results, 1951-1955'

[From the same source, translated by Google:] The Venezuelan Chess Federation had to file a petition with the FIDE Congress held in Buenos Aires (August 1954), that the Spanish master Antonio Medina was considered as representative of our country, while his Venezuelan citizenship was processed. At the same Congress also requested that the zonal [runner-up] be allowed to compete in the 1955 Interzonal, but apparently is not retained.


7* SAM Mar del Plata 1954-04

Source unknown, see Misc. Zonal Clippings (C02-C15)


IZ Qualifiers

BCM 1955-04 p.129

EK: How come Canada didn't sent a representative to the Interzonal? [Ref. BI072028]

EK: The answer why Candadians didnít send anyone to Interzonal is probably in the Canadian clipping for the next cycle Ė money. Answer why there was no representative from Asia/Oceania is probably that there were no FIDE members from Asia/Oceania at that time. Asian nations started to appear in Olympiads from 1956 onwards. [Ref. BI220357]