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The World Chess Championship
Zonals 1948-1951 (C01)

Index of all Zonals


* Invitation (most players) 1948-00

Chess Review, 1948-05, p.2


EUR Hilversum 1947-07

BCM, 1947-08, p.253

BCM, 1947-09, p.295

BCM, 1948-01, p.2


EUR (North) Helsingfors 1947-08

BCM, 1948-01, p.2


USA New York 1946-10

Chess Review, 1946-12, p.8

Chess Review, 1947-01, p.5


CAN Quebec City 1947-06

Chess Review, 1947-08, p.5


IZ Qualifiers

BCM 1948-05 p.163

BCM 1948-07 p.239

EK: Vasja Pirc (don't know why some sources call him Vajda) was only 8th reserve but got to play anyway in the Interzonal. Did Ekstroem, Bernstein and Alexander really all decline to participate? I know that players (or their federations) had to cover all the expenses by themselves, and that is why many declined, but would this really be an issue for Ekstroem? [Ref. BI072028]
EK: Why did Bondarevsky decline to play in the Candidates? [Ref. BI072028]