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World Chess Championship
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The World's Most Active Chess Club

Chess for Success Manus Fealy; lessons for all levels.
Sao Paulo Chess Federation Brazil (Portuguese language).
64 Chess Review Russian language
(in English)
U.S. Chess Center Washington, DC, USA.
Deutscher Schachbund (DSB) German Chess Federation (German language)
New in Chess Your link to the Chess World.
Arlington Chess Club Arlington, VA, USA.
Chess Corner Affiliated with the Barnet Chess Club
Computerschaak Vereniging Nederland Theo Storm; computer chess.

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Thanks to ... For ...
University of Pittsburgh Chess Club many historical source game files.
Mark Crowther's
'The Week in Chess'
history as it happens, and
more recent source game files.
Chess Graphics our logo.
Chess on Stamps a nice catalog which includes World Championship events.
Keith Fuller pgnRead - a great PGN reader which is the source of our diagrams (look for 'PGNRDxxx.ZIP' where 'xxx' is the version number e.g. '152').
Correspondents:- James Tan missing games from four events.
Anatoli Ostrovski information on Interzonal playoff matches.
Michael Scheidl information on microcomputer championships.
Dennis Leong missing games from six women's Interzonal and Candidates events.
John Little corrections.
Adaucto Wanderley da Nobrega (BrasilBase) bulletins from 1979 Rio de Janeiro women's Interzonal.
Pierre Bourget games from the women's 1953 title match.


Europe Echecs (French language)
U.S.Chess Federation
Publisher of Chess Life

Dr. Joseph Platz In memory of USCF Master Emeritus Dr. Joseph Platz (1905-1981), student and dear friend of Dr. Emanuel Lasker. He taught his pupils that chess is much more than a game.
Dr. Platz, der Mann, der sein Blut hergab fuer den letzten vergeblichen Versuch, Laskers Leben durch eine Bluttransfusion zu retten - Dr. J. Hannak, Emanuel Lasker - Biographie eines Schachweltmeisters

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