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World Chess Championship (Women)
1927-39 Title Tournaments

Unless otherwise noted, clippings are from 'International Championship Chess: A complete record of FIDE events' by B.M. Kazic (Batsford, 1974), Chapter 10, titled 'Women World Chess Champions; From Vera Menchik to Nona Gaprindashvili' (p.259-267).


1927 London

The Kazic chapter starts,
The World Chess Federation (FIDE) held its fourth Congress in London in July 7, 1927, in coincidence with the first Men's Olympiad and the first Women's World Championship.
but the historical record is more complicated. The following image is a portion of a much longer note by Edward Winter on

9074. Championship confusion


1930 Hamburg


1931 Prague


1933 Folkestone


1934 Rotterdam


1935 Warsaw


1937 Stockholm


1937 Semmering


1939 Buenos Aires

Notes for the 1939 Buenos Aires PGN:
Subject: Buenos Aires 1939
From: A.W.N.

Now, back to Buenos Aires 39. I created a crosstable in CB, from the PGN games, to compare with the only source I have (The book "International Championship Chess" by B.M.Kazic - page 263). Surprise, the book is wrong! It gives:

  • 6. Lauberte ... 12.5 points, but the correct is 12.0 (check the sum)
  • Trepat 0:0 Stoefels, should be 1/2-1/2, so the points are incorrect too!: Trepat 7.5, Stoeffels 6.5; should be: Trepat 8.0, Stoeffels 7.0
  • Raclauskiene 1:1 Lougheed , the correct is 1:0, but now the points are correct : Reclauskiene 3.5 Lougheed 2.0 (ok!)
  • And Kazic gives Janecek instead of B. Janeckova.

Do you have another source?

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