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Chess Traps : View Full Games
Play through the moves leading up to some well known chess traps.

It's good to know the mechanics of a chess trap. It's even better to know the sequence of moves leading up to a trap.

The About Chess Trap Quizzes (see the link box in the upper right corner of this article) test your sense of danger on specific positions. The table below lets you play through the full game for each trap.

The link in the first column leads to the About Chess game viewer where you can play through the game to see the moves leading to a trap. The second column is the ECO code identifying the opening leading to the trap. The third column is the quiz position for the trap.

Full Game   ECO   Opening Quiz  
Game 1.1 B15 Caro-Kann (Q)
Game 1.2 C71 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 1.3 C66 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 1.4 B71 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 1.5 B40 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 1.6 B01 Center Counter Game (Q)
Game 1.7 C50 Giuoco Piano (Q)
Game 2.1 D50 1.d4 (Q)
Game 2.2 B15 Caro-Kann (Q)
Game 2.3 C25 Vienna Game (Q)
Game 2.4 C61 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 2.5 C54 Giuoco Piano (Q)
Game 2.6 C45 Open Game (3.other) (Q)
Game 2.7 C08 French Defense (Q)
Game 3.1 B31 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 3.2 C20 Open Game (3.other) (Q)
Game 3.3 C29 Vienna Game (Q)
Game 3.4 C60 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 3.5 C54 Giuoco Piano (Q)
Game 3.6 C46 Open Game (3.other) (Q)
Game 3.7 B00 1.e4 other (Q)
Game 4.1 C55 Giuoco Piano (Q)
Game 4.2 C11 French Defense (Q)
Game 4.3 B20 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 4.4 C29 Vienna Game (Q)
Game 4.5 C25 Vienna Game (Q)
Game 4.6 C35 King's Gambit (Q)
Game 4.7 C77 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 5.1 A00 1.b4 (Q)
Game 5.2 C04 French Defense (Q)
Game 5.3 B12 Caro-Kann (Q)
Game 5.4 B01 Center Counter Game (Q)
Game 5.5 C22 Open Game (3.other) (Q)
Game 5.6 D51 1.d4 (Q)
Game 5.7 B03 Alekhine's Defense (Q)
Game 6.1 A25 1.c4 e5 (Q)
Game 6.2 C41 Philidor's Defense (Q)
Game 6.3 B29 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 6.4 B02 Alekhine's Defense (Q)
Game 6.5 A45 1.d4 (Q)
Game 6.6 C66 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 6.7 C80 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 7.1 C36 King's Gambit (Q)
Game 7.2 A27 1.c4 e5 (Q)
Game 7.3 C41 Philidor's Defense (Q)
Game 7.4 B62 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 7.5 C18 French Defense (Q)
Game 7.6 C31 King's Gambit (Q)
Game 7.7 B05 Alekhine's Defense (Q)
Game 8.1 C15 French Defense (Q)
Game 8.2 B29 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 8.3 C77 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 8.4 D81 1.d4 (Q)
Game 8.5 C38 King's Gambit (Q)
Game 8.6 C10 French Defense (Q)
Game 8.7 B10 Caro-Kann (Q)
Game 9.1 C83 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 9.2 B20 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 9.3 C39 King's Gambit (Q)
Game 9.4 C07 French Defense (Q)
Game 9.5 B12 Caro-Kann (Q)
Game 9.6 C65 Ruy Lopez (Q)
Game 9.7 B22 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 10.1 C27 Vienna Game (Q)
Game 10.2 B06 1.e4 other (Q)
Game 10.3 C27 Open Game (3.other) (Q)
Game 10.4 C51 Giuoco Piano (Q)
Game 10.5 B88 Sicilian Defense (Q)
Game 10.6 C41 Philidor's Defense (Q)
Game 10.7 A00 1.b4 (Q)

Enjoy the traps!

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