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World Chess Championship
Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Records

We have compiled comprehensive game collections of some great players. The following table links to pages with:-

Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Records Creation
V.Anand World champion (FIDE 2000-2002) 2001-01-01  
P.Boi (Paolo) and Leonardo de Cutri The Light and Lustre of Chess 2004-03-15 No
G.Deschapelles Unofficial world champion (ca. 1820) 2002-02-01 No
A.Karpov (1960-1984) World champion (XII 1975-1985, FIDE 1993-1999) 2001-03-01  
A.Karpov (1985-)   2001-04-01  
G.Kasparov World champion (XIII 1985-1993, PCA 1993-2000) 2000-10-15  
V.Kramnik World champion (Braingames 2000-) 2000-11-01  
L.Labourdonnais Unofficial world champion (ca. 1834) 2001-08-01 No
R.Ponomariov World champion (FIDE 2002-2005) 2002-02-15  
H.Staunton Unofficial world champion (ca. 1843) 2000-12-01  

The PGN files use the naming convention 'YYM-xxxx', where:-

This means that the 48 games from Kasparov's first title match with Karpov are in a file named 84I-MOSC.PGN, which indicates that the event started in September 1984, and was played in Moscow. This naming convention has the advantage that file names sort in chronological order.

The year of an event is the year in which it started, so all of the games from the first Kasparov - Karpov match, which started in 1984 and ended in 1985, are in a single file bearing the year 1984. Where an event was played in more than one venue, the name of the first venue is used , so the games from K-K III, played in London and Leningrad, are in 86G-LOND.PGN.

Round numbers in team events correspond to the rounds the team played, which are usually more rounds than an individual plays.

Some events are highlighted in color...

1982 25th Olympiad, Lucerne 82J-LUCE 11/11
1982 Event? 82X-$URX 1/?
...This means that we have game scores for the event, but no other information. Since the game scores are from other digital game collections and have not been matched against any written record of the event, it is possible that they are incorrect.

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