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World Chess Championship
1974 Karpov - Polugaevsky Candidates Quarterfinal Match

The first three games of the match were drawn. Karpov scored the first full point in the fourth game.

Game 4 : Karpov - Polugaevsky
after 37.a4-a5

Karpov was also winning the fifth game with a strong attack, when Polugaevsky found the only saving resource at adjournment.

Game 5 : Polugaevsky - Karpov
after 41.Nd3-f4

In game 6 Karpov sacrificed a pawn for a powerful centralized position. Polugaevsky filed to find the saving resource and Karpov notched his second of the required three wins.

Game 6 : Karpov - Polugaevsky
after 17.Qd1-d5(xB)

Polugaevsky failed to win with White in the seventh game, and Karpov ended the match in the eighth.

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