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Chess Openings - Closed Game
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Closed Game

1.d4 d5

White has difficulty playing e4, so the Pawns on d4 and d5 often remain in place for a long time. This blocks the activity in the center which means that the White and Black pieces do not come into contact with each other quickly. Compare the Open Game.

Because e4 and ...e5 are ruled out, the rapid advance of the c-Pawn is an important consideration for both players. The most usual move for White is 2.c4, the Queen's Gambit. White does have some acceptable alternatives.

Alternatives to 2.c4?



Queen's Gambit

1.d4 d5 2.c4

White makes the most natural move, preparing Nc3. 2.Nf3 usually transposes into the 2.c4 lines. Games without an early c4 are known as Queen's Pawn Games.

The Queen's Gambit is not a true gambit. Black cannot hold the Pawn. See 2...dxc4 for an example.

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