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The Year 2005 in Review
National Championships of note.

Since the majority of the visitors to the About site are native English speakers, here are the results of the 2005 championships of the main English speaking countries.

The first event of the New Year was the 112th New Zealand Championship, held in Wanganui. Aleks Wohl of Australia win the event 0.5 points ahead of runner-up Anthony Ker. The title went to Ker for the fourth consecutive time.

In April, Nicholas Van der Nat won the South African Championship, held in Cape Town. He finished 0.5 points ahead of Daniel Cawdery.

In July, Jacob Aagaard won the Scottish Championship in Oban. Because he was not eligible to win the title, it went to runner-up Craig Pritchett. Also in July, Colm Daly won the Irish Championship in Dublin. He finished 1.0 points ahead of Stephen Brady.

In August, Jonathan Rowson of Scotland won the Smith & Williamson British Championship held in the Isle of Man. It was his second consecutive win. He finished 0.5 points ahead of Stuart Conquest and Stewart Haslinger.


For various reasons, many events were not held in 2005. Since it is often more difficult to determine why an event was not played than to determine the result of one that was played, we cover them here.

The Australian Championship is held every two years and was not played in 2005.

The Canadian Championship was not held in 2005. The next championship is scheduled for August 2006 in Toronto.

The 2005 Commonwealth Championship was awarded to India. Because of organizational problems within the Indian Federation, the event was cancelled. The 2006 event is also scheduled to be held in India.

The Indian Championship was not held in 2005. The 43rd National 'A' Championship of India is scheduled for March 2006 in New Delhi.

Because of contractual difficulties surrounding the Women's Championship, the 2005 U.S. Championship was held in December 2004. The results were reported in our review last year. The next U.S. Chess Championship will be held March 2006 in San Diego.

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