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The Year 2005 in Review

In the United States, land of the Super Open, the results of the 2004 ChessCafe.com Grand Prix were announced in April. GM Alek Wojtkiewicz of Maryland won 1st prize with 377.78 points, ahead of GM Ildar Ibragimov (CT, 2nd, 327.52), and GM Jaan Ehlvest (NY, 3rd, 288.78). It was Wojkiewicz' sixth consecutive year as the Grand Prix winner. Ehlvest had finished 2nd in the 2003 Grand Prix, while Ibragimov had finished third.

Of the many events whose results are used to calculate Grand Prix points, a few offer the symbolic figure of 100 points or more. The events that reached this level in 2005 are listed in the following table by the date of each event's final round.

2005-02-27 120 Millennium Chess Festival
2005-03-20 150 Far West Open
2005-03-27 150 Foxwoods Open
2005-05-15 200 CCA-ICC International
2005-05-22 300 HB Global Challenge
2005-05-30 150 Chicago Open
2005-06-12 100 Emory/Castle Grand Prix
2005-06-12 200 National Open (N)
2005-07-04 200 World Open
2005-07-24 120 Pacific Coast Open
2005-07-31 120 Continental Open
2005-08-14 200 U.S. Open (N)
2005-08-21 100 Atlantic Open
2005-10-16 120 Midwest Class Championships
2005-10-16 200 Western States Open
2005-11-13 120 Kings Island Open
2005-11-27 120 National Chess Congress
2005-11-27 100 American Open
2005-12-18 100 Edward Lasker Memorial
2005-12-29 200 North American Open
2005-12-30 100 Eastern Open

The two events marked '(N)' are National Events, co-sponsored by the USCF. Dmitry Gurevich won the 6-round National Open (Las Vegas, NV), after winning a playoff against three other players who also finished with 5.0 points. Vadim Milov and Joel Benjamin tied for first in the 9-round U.S. Open (Phoenix, AZ), where there was no tiebreak.

The biggest event of the year was the HB Global Challenge (Minneapolis, MN) with $500,000 in prize money including $50,000 for the winner. Zviad Izoria of Georgia (in Asia) won the event with 7.0 Points, a half point ahead of ten other players. The brainchild of GM Maurice Ashley, the event attracted more than 50 GMs among 268 players in the top section.

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