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The World Chess Championship
Zonal Qualifiers 1987-1990 (C14)

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The qualification rules for this cycle (which have been guessed for this page) appear to be patterned after C13 Qualifiers from the previous cycle:-
a) Qualified from the previous Candidates tournament (C13). The first four players there qualified for the Candidates tournament (C14); the next four qualified for the Interzonal tournaments (C14).

b) Qualified by rating (calculation unknown).

c) Nominated by the organizers of an Interzonal.

z) Qualified from a Zonal tournament.

Player (How qualified : 'a'-'c' see above; 'z' = zonal; IZ played, i.e.
1I: IZ Subotica (SRB); 2I: IZ Szirak (HUN); 3I: IZ Zagreb (CRO))

Adorjan A (c?,, 2I)
Alburt L (z, 06, 1I)
Allan K (z, 07, 2I)
Andersson U (b?,, 2I)
Baragar F (z, 07, 3I)
Barlov D (z, 05, 3I)
Beliavsky A (a?,, 2I)
Benjamin J (z, 06, 2I)
Bouaziz S (z, 12, 2I)
Chernin A (z, 04, 1I)
Christiansen L (z, 06, 2I)
De la Villa J (z, 01C, 2I)
Ehlvest J (z, 04, 3I)
Eingorn V (z, 04, 3I)
Ernst T (z, 02B/14, 1I)
Flear G (z, 01A, 2I)
Granda Zuniga J (z, 09, 3I)
Gruenfeld Y (z, 02A, 3I)
Hamed A [Hmadi] (z, 13, 1I)
Hickl J (z, 02A, 3I)
Hjartarson J (z, 02B/14, 2I)
Huebner (b?,, --)
Hulak K (c?,, 3I)
Inkiov V (z, 03, 3I)
Ivanov I (z, 07, --)
Kavalek L (z, 06, 1I)
Korchnoi V (b?,, 3I)
Ljubojevic L (b?,, 2I)
Marin M (z, 03, 2I)
Marjanovic S (z, 05, 1I)
Miles A (b?,, 3I)
Milos G (z, 09, 2I)
Nikolic P (b?,, 3I)
Nogueiras J (z, 08, 3I)
Nunn J (b?,, 2I)
Pinter J (z, 03, 3I)
Polugaevsky L (b?,, 3I)
Popovic P (z, 05, 1I)
Portisch L (b?,, 2I)
Prasad D (z, 10, 1I)
Ribli Z (b?,, 1I)
Rodriguez A (z, 08, 1I)
Salov V (z, 04, 2I)
Sax G (z, 03, 1I)
Seirawan Y (b?,, 3I)
Short N (b?,, 1I)
Smyslov V (a?,, 1I)
Spassky B. (a?,, --)
Speelman J (z, 01A, 1I)
Tal M (a?,, 1I)
Todorcevic M (z, 01B, 2I)
Torre E (z, 11, 3I)
Velimirovic D (c?,, 2I)
Xu Jun (z, 11, 1I)
Zapata A (z, 08, 1I)