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The World Chess Championship
Zonals 1978-1981 (C11)

Index of all Zonals


1 Amsterdam 1978-11

BCM, 1979-02, p.78

BCM, 1979-04, p.153


2 Luzern 1979-05

BCM, 1979-11, p.553

Schweizerische Scachzeitung, 1979-07, p.252

Schweizerische Scachzeitung, 1979-07, p.253


3A+B->final Warsaw 1979-01

BCM, 1979-04, p.183

Revista de Sah, 1979-02, p.17


4 Lvov (not URS chp) 1978-04


5 Pasadena 1978-06

Soltis & McCormick, U.S. Chess Championship: 1845-1996, p.155

See also 'The Stress of Chess' by GM Walter Browne, p.72 (Browne withdrew from the event)


6 Toronto 1978-08

Informant 26 (1978H2, p.265)


7 Cuenca & Ibarra (Ecuador) 1978-07

BCM, 1978-12, p.576


8 Tramandai 1978-09

Informant 26 (1978H2, p.267)

EK: The sum of total points doesn't add up! But this is because they mistakenly left out one player on 5.5 point - Carlos Silva Sanchez from Chile. Three players were tied on 5.5 point not just two. [Ref. BI072028]


9 Tehran 1978-08

BCM, 1978-12, p.579


10 Itoo 1978-02

Informant 25 (1978H1, p.259)


11 Praia de Rocha (also Z12) 1978-11

BCM, 1979-03, p.123

EK: Points don't add up. If there were 23 participants then the total should be 253, but it is 254.5. If there were 24 players then the total sum should be 276, which mean that a player who scored 18.5 (the winner!) would be missing. Chessbase database actually has some games from this zonal and one of the participants who is not listed in the clippings is Sergio Mariotti. But this doesn't make any sense - how could one forget to list the winner, and why Mariotti didn't participate in the Interzonal if he won? The only explanation I see is that Mariotti withdrew from the tournament (with his results annuled), but then whoever wrote for BCM mistakenly counted some of the results from annuled games too. Anyway those results just can not be the official standings. [Ref. BI072028]

Jaque, 1979-05, p.19

NB: Note that Mariotti finished in fourth place, not Matanovic as indicated by BCM. • Re the point discrepancies flagged by EK, where BCM gives 18.0 points to the 1st player and 5.5 to three players clustered at 19th-21st, Jaque gives 18.5 and 5.0. This net change of -1.0 points for the event doesn't account for EK's difference of -1.5 until we realize that BCM was right about the 1st player. This is another example showing that the accurate transmission of final standings was often problematic in the pre-Internet days.