FIDE historical ratings

FIDE historical ratings were originally released on Chess Informant's Chess Is Chess CD; click here for our August 2001 review of the CD. The source text files from the CD were graciously supplied by Chess Informant in December 2003.

Permission to load the files to this site was granted by FIDE, the World Chess Federation. FIDE qualified its permission, saying 'FIDE endorsement can follow only after a thorough check with written records.'

The files are provided 'as is'. Except for random comparisons with various sources, they have not been thoroughly checked.

Index of /ratings  19-Feb-2004 05:06    15k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    17k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    19k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    20k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    24k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    28k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    32k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    36k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    40k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    40k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    44k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    46k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    49k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    56k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    64k  19-Feb-2004 05:06    72k  19-Feb-2004 05:07   128k  19-Feb-2004 05:07   137k  19-Feb-2004 05:07   159k  19-Feb-2004 05:07   182k  19-Feb-2004 05:07   212k  19-Feb-2004 05:08   245k  19-Feb-2004 05:08   279k  19-Feb-2004 05:08   253k  19-Feb-2004 05:09   498k  19-Feb-2004 05:10   607k

The file names are in YYYY-MM format; 1975-01 means the file contains data from the January 1975 rating list. Files more recent than the year 2000 are available on the FIDE site.


Earlier files

These files were added January 2008:-

See FIDE Historical Ratings 1971-74 for more information on their source.

Midyear files

These files were added February 2008:-


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