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World Chess Championship
1958 Portoroz Interzonal Tournament

Round 3 : Larsen - Gligoric
after 21...Rf8-f4(xN)

Round 4 : Pachman - Petrosian
after 14...0-0
(15.Nb6 Qxd1+ 16.Kxd1 axb6 with an attack)

Tal wrote (p.106) of the following move
I went along to play Filip in the mood 'win or bust'. In a sharp position I decided on a piece sacrifice, which, if declined, would lead to a slightly inferior position for Filip, while its acceptance would have unpredictable consequences. It would appear that the sacrifice is not 100% correct, but before making his move and capturing the piece, Filip offered me a draw. I realized that there was something in the character of the position that my opponent did not like, so I declined the offfer, and in the subsequent confusion somehow outwitted him.

Round 5 : Tal - Filip
after 28.Bd2-h6(xP)
(28...gxh6 29.Qxe5 Be7 30.Rd4 with pressure)

From 'Evans On Chess', July 22, 1994, 'ONLY A DRAW':-
Even Bobby Fischer, who was famous for fighting every game to a finish, took an occasional grandmaster draw. At Portoroz in 1958, the young American shook hands to split the point with veteran Yuri Averbach in a wild position that could go either way. Years later I asked Bobby why they agreed to a premature draw. "I was afraid of losing to a Russian grandmaster and he was afraid of losing to a kid," he stated candidly.
Round 7 : Averbakh - Fischer
after 21.Ra1-b1 1/2-1/2

Round 8 : Fischer - Larsen
after 22.Rh1-h5(xN)
(22...gxh5 23.g6 e5 24.gxf7+ Kf8 25.Be3)

Round 9 : Sherwin - Gligoric
after 25.f3-f4

Round 9 : Tal - Fuster
after 17.Bc4-e6(xP)
(17...fxe5 18.dxe5 Be7 19.Rhf1 with an attack)

Round 10 : Rossetto - Tal
after 39...Re8-e3(xB) 0-1

Round 11 : Petrosian - Rossetto
after 36.g4-g5

Round 12 : Rossetto - Sherwin
after 44...Ra1-b1

Round 13 : Petrosian - Fischer
after 56.Ra6-h6(xP)

Round 17 : Tal - Panno
after 42.Qe1-f1+
Prize for the Most Interesting Game

Fischer, who had already lost two games, needed to win the following game to qualify for the Candidates tournament.

Round 20 : Fischer - Cardoso
after 44.b3-b4
(threatens Bf1 & Bg2 with zugzwang)

In the last round, Bronstein needed only a draw to qualify for the Candidates tournament. His opponent was near the bottom of the cross table.

Round 21 : Cardoso - Bronstein
after 26.Be3-d2
(should lose after 26...Ra3 27.Bb1 Bxd3;
Black played 27...Rxa4 and lost)

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