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World Chess Championship
1948 Saltsjobaden Interzonal Tournament

King and Pawn endings are notoriously difficult. In the following position, White twice missed h4, which wins.

Round 4 : Najdorf - Kotov
after 51...Kf7-e7 and 53...Kd7-e7

Round 4 : Trifunovic - Bondarevsky
after 19.Ne4-f6+
Second Brilliancy Prize

Round 5 : Lilienthal - Najdorf
after 17.Bd3-h7(xP)+
First Brilliancy Prize

Round 7 : Szabo - Book
after 16.Ne2-f4

Round 14 : Bronstein - Ragozin
after 37.Nf3-e1(xR)

Leading the tournament by a half point before the penultimate round, Szabo needed a win to remain ahead of Bronstein, who won against Steiner.

Round 18 : Stoltz - Szabo
after 19...Rc4-b4(xP)
(only draws; 19...Rf8-c8 should win)

Szabo and Bronstein were tied for first place going into the last round.

When the following position was reached, a spectator wiped the pieces off the board and attacked Bronstein. It turned out that he was a Lithuanian who had a grudge against the Soviet Union. All games were halted while the police removed Bronstein's assailant.

Round 19 : Bronstein - Tartakower
after 20.Ra1-d1

Bronstein went on to win the game, so Szabo also needed a win to share first place. Szabo's opponent, Lundin, had a solid grip on last place.

Round 19 : Szabo - Lundin
after 26.Qc2-c7
(loses two pawns; 26.Qc3 probably wins)

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