Elsewhere on the Web : Women's World Championship

Saturday April 24, 2004

In World Chess Championship for Women we noted, 'when this article was written, there were no plans for a future Women's World Chess Championship.' (March 2004) • We're happy to report that we were wrong! FIDE recently announced the Women`s World Chess Championship 2004 to be held 21 May - 8 June, in Batumi, Adjara, Georgia. • Once again proving that it's becoming increasingly difficult to arrange any world class chess event without the intrusion of politics, the decision provoked a controversy on the safety of the participants in the Adjara region of Georgia. See ITAR-TASS for details.

Elsewhere in women's chess and on a less somber note, ChinaCom announced that French-American Women's Chess Championship to Be Held in New York City, matching Irina Krush of the USA against Almira Skripchenko of France. The match status as a championship is, however, not clear. • Finally, in Chess queen vs. Chinese super laptop, we learn that Women's World Champion Zhu Chen will play a two game match against Unisplendour Star laptop, 'one of the world's most powerful chess-playing notebook computers'.

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