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Combinations for Material!
Solutions to intermediate puzzles.

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No. 1

1.Re8 mates or wins the Queen

No. 2

1.Nc7 Qxc7 2.Qxb5 wins the exchange

No. 3

1.Ba3 Nf6 2.Nc7 wins material

No. 4

1.g4+ Kxg4 2.Be6 wins the exchange

No. 5

1.Bb5 axb5 2.axb5 wins material

No. 6

1.Nxf6 and if 1...Bxf6 2.Qxh7+ mates

No. 7

1.Nh5+ gxh5 (1...Ke7 2.Rxd7+) 2.f4 traps the Queen

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