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Twitter.com Tweets by Teamkasparov
Working file, September 2014

Twitter.com tweets by Teamkasparov; working file for Kasparov's Campaign: Twitter & Facebook (September 2014).


Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Jun 19: Lawmakers' strategic moves at Congressional Chess Tournament: http://videoshare.politico.com/ …

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Jun 18: Kasparov will join a bipartisan Congressional Chess Tournament with the Congressional Chess Caucus this morning! http://www.washingtontimes.com/ …

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Jun 11: Garry Kasparov Returns to Macau! http://www.thefidetrainer.com/ …

Garry Kasparov @Kasparov63 • May 29: Spread the word, Boricuas! I'm in Puerto Rico & will be at the Cancha Zamot in Bayamón at 6pm for photos, book signing & to meet you all!

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • May 28: RT @MyGabon: @MyGabon: @Kasparov63 vs 6 little guys ! #myGabon #Nyfa

Garry Kasparov @Kasparov63 • May 25: I signed an agreement with the chess federation here in Gabon for chess projects. Many more education ministers here @NYFAfrica asking too!

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • May 14: Autographs in Malaysia – great support from fans of all ages! http://ow.ly/wPT5p

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • May 9: To learn about my trip to Uganda and standing up chess in school programs, read this piece from New Vision: http://www.newvision.co.ug/ …

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • May 7: While in Uganda, it was great to meet with students from Kagoma who are participating in the mini-chess program: http://kasparov2014.com/ …

Garry Kasparov @Kasparov63 • May 6: Incredible note from my stop in Mozambique. They had 10 chess sets. TEN! After years of promises of support from FIDE. Now will have 500!

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • May 7: Read about my recent trip to Australia on the campaign site! http://kasparov2014.com/ …

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • May 5: RT @newvisionwire: Chess legend Garry Kasparov returns to Uganda http://bit.ly/1fTLOhS

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • May 1: Front page: Garry Kaspaorv- Chess Master- Visits Canberra! https://www.facebook.com/ …

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Apr 14: Amazing Reception in Mexico for Kasparov and KCF: http://bit.ly/1qWLBiO #chess #FIDE

Garry Kasparov @Kasparov63 • Apr 9: Another great campaign trip completed, my first steps into Mexico, Caribbean & Central America. Thanks to all who came out to support chess!

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Apr 4: Great clip from the trip to Mexico: https://www.youtube.com/ … H/T @bolasinmanija

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Apr 4: Sunday, the Olympic Committee of El Salvador & the Salvadoran Chess federation will receive Kasparov: http://bit.ly/1e9Yhgv @Ticochesscr

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Apr 4: For details on Garry’s trip to Portugal, check it out here: http://bit.ly/1eemSki

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Apr 2: Straight From the Campaign Trail: Gambia’s Independence Day 2014: http://bit.ly/1pMhZpw

Team Kasparov 2014 @TeamKasparov • Mar 27: A great visit in store this week in Ireland with the Irish Chess Union: http://bit.ly/1heLRby