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Chessbase.com Posts on Garry Kasparov
Working file, August 2014

Chessbase.com posts on Kasparov; working file for Kasparov TMER: Transition from 1970s to 2010s (August 2014).


Phiona meets Kasparov • 'The "Women in the World Summit" in New York City showcased celebrities, politicians, freedom-fighters, entrepreneurs, and two very different chessplayers. Former world champion Garry Kasparov spoke on chess and education on a panel with Ugandan teen Phiona Mutesi, whose story of survival and triumph brought tears and applause. They even played chess!' [5/7/2013]

The Kasparovs tour Africa for chess in education • 'Former World Champion Garry Kasparov and his wife Dasha just completed a trip across seven African nations to meet with chess and education officials as well as chess players and kids. It was part of the Kasparov Chess Foundation's drive to bring chess into education around the world by gathering public and private sponsors and organizations together.' [7/20/2013]

Kasparov: 'A game designed for me' • 'David Frost, English journalist, comedian, writer, has been an important media personality over the last fifty years (!). Especially memorable were his interviews with President Richard Nixon in 1977. Sir David, who unexpectedly died on September 1st, ran"The Frost Interview" on Al Jazeera, and recently he spoke to a chess personality who is always in the world news.' [8/31/2013]

Kasparov at the Aquaprofit-Polgar Chess Festival • 'Thousands of people gathered to see a legendary World Champion together with the three famous Polgar sisters who, as Garry Kasparov recalled, became Olympic champions at the Thessaloniki Olympiad in 1988, putting an end to the long hegemony of the Soviet female team. It was a festival of fun, especially for kids, who could play together with a parent and a grandparent in a simul given by the Polgars.' [10/4/2013]

Kasparov for President – 2014 FIDE Campaign • 'Yesterday evening former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov held an event in Tallinn, Estonia, to announce his candidacy for the presidency of the International Chess Federation and to introduce the other members of his ticket. They include FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong and US investor and chess sponsor Rex Sinquefield. Kasparov's program for FIDE is called Six Winning Moves.' [10/8/2013]

Kasparov will Lette werden • 'Im Juni erklärte Garry Kasparov bei der Verleihung eines Menschenrechtspreises in Genf, dass er aus Angst vor Verfolgung durch die Putin-Regierung nicht nach Russland zurückkehren will. Der Ex-Weltmeister hatte den russischen Präsidenten Vladimir Putin und dessen Politik in der Vergangenheit immer wieder kritisiert. Wie Focus-Online meldet, beantragte Kasparov jetzt einen lettischen Pass.' [06.11.2013]

Kasparov on Anand vs Carlsen • '"Some have suggested my rooting loyalties should lie with my fellow 'old man', Anand, and not with the 22-year-old who broke my rating record, writes Garry Kasparov. "But while I cannot say I feel joy when one of my records falls, a win for Carlsen will also be a win for the chess world." Kasparov, who trained Magnus Carlsen in 2009, puts his thoughts on record in this Business Insider article.' [11/8/2013]

Chennai G3: A thrilling battle as Anand close to win • 'Garry Kasparov arrived in Chennai today, and became the media magnet for a while, stealing the thunder from the world championship match.' [11/12/2013]

Kasparov on the campaign trail – Indonesia • 'So far, to the best of our knowledge, only one candidate has registered for the 2014 FIDE presidential election: Garry Kasparov. The former World Chess Champion has been extremely active in key regions of the world: east of India, south of Sahara, north of Greece. After an extensive tour of southern Africa Kasparov undertook a trip to the Far East, with a start in Jakarta.' [12/18/2013]

Kasparov visits Singapore and Thailand • 'Garry Kasparov, currently the only candidate for FIDE presidency on the campaign trail, recently visited countries of the Far East, where it would seem he is being vigorously supported by the federations. In Singapore the former World Champion stressed the need for sponsorship, education and technology, while in Thailand he received instructions from the Deputy Prime Minister in the rules of Makruk or Thai chess. Big pictorial report.' [12/26/2013]

Kasparov and the (almost) Oman immortal • 'Garry Kasparov was recently in Muscat, Oman, at the personal invitation of Alawi Al Zawawi. He gave interviews and pushed for the creation of a chess federation in Oman, which is sadly lacking despite the enthusiasm demonstrated for the game. There he also promoted the royal game with a simul against nineteen players, in which one game stood out as a brilliancy.' [1/21/2014]

Contractgate? The Kasparov-Leong agreement • 'The story began last weekend, when a draft contract between Garry Kasparov, who is running for FIDE President, and his running mate Ignatius Leong were leaked. It was suggested that large sums of money were passing to Leong in return for votes in the presidential election. Now Kasparov has replied to the accusations in an unprecedented way: by publishing the full text of the final contract.' [1/25/2014]

Contractgate 2 – Ilyumzhinov-Paulson memorandum • 'About ten days ago a draft contract between Garry Kasparov and Ignatius Leong was leaked. It suggested that large sums of money were passing to Leong in return for votes in the FIDE presidential election. Kasparov replied to the accusations by publishing the full text of the final contract. Now a contract between FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has surfaced and is causing similar furor.' [1/31/2014]

Garry Kasparov's Next Move • 'We know he is running for FIDE President. But what does Garry Kasparov think about the Sochi Olympiad and Russian President Vladimir Putin's rule in the country he can no longer vist? And for chess fans more relevant: what does Kasparov think about World Champion Magnus Carlsen, with whom he has worked, or about computers playing chess? It's all revealed in this must-read Smithsonian article.' [2/25/2014]

Kasparov es croata • 'Garry Kasparov no ha vuelto a Rusia desde el mes de junio de 2013, preocupado por la represión ejercida sobre los opositores al gobierno. Ayer recibió la ciudadanía croata. Para este fin, el ministro presidente de Croacia Zoran Milanivic lo invitó a la sede del gobierno para formalizar el acto. Kasparov adoptó otra nacionalidad.' [2/28/2014]

Kasparov in Irland • 'Ende letzter Woche besuchte Garry Kasparov Irland und sprach dort mit verschiedenen Medien über die politische Situation in Russland, seine Schachkarriere und sein Programm "Schach in der Schule". Dabei zog er einen Vergleich zwischen Schach und Politik: "Im Schach sind die Regeln bekannt und das Ergebnis ist ungewiss. In Putins Russland ist es genau umgekehrt."' [31.03.2014]

Presentación de la Fundación Kasparov en México [ES] • 'Con la presencia de su creador, el pasado 2 de abril se presentó oficialmente la entidad, cuya sede estará en el Distrito Federal y cuyo presidente ejecutivo será Hiquingari Carranza, que manifestó: "Estamos viendo los primeros brotes de una semilla que comenzamos a plantar hace más de una década. La Fundación Kasparov es el paso inmediato, para sostener a esos talentos".' [4/05/2014] • Introducing the Kasparov Foundation in Mexico [Google translation of above]

De viaje con Kasparov [ES] • 'Leontxo García ha pasado seis días muy intensos con Garry Kasparov. Primero en México, presentando los actos de la Fundación Kasparov para Latinoamérica. Luego, en Jamaica, El Salvador y Nueva York, para recopilar datos para un libro que está escribiendo. Otra visión del ajedrez latinoamericano...' [4/17/2014] • Travelling with Kasparov [Google translation of above]

Kasparov – a chess legend visits Jamaica • 'As you probably know Garry Kasparov is running for FIDE President, and in this capacity touring the globe. Early in April he visited Jamaica, accepting an invitation by JCF President Ian G. Wilkinson, who considered it a miracle that the former World Champion actually came. The visit was not just a campaign trip – Kasparov used the opportunity to get to know the Caribbean chess scene.' [4/26/2014]

Kasparov in Malaysia • 'He was mobbed, but in a good way: a large number of chess fans and autograph hunters sought close contact to the legendary World Champion, who officiated the opening of the PMB National Age Group Championship 2014, and took time to discuss a variety of topics with an expert on aesthetics-recognition technology in chess, our author Dr Azlan Iqbal.' [5/11/2014]

Kasparov answers questions in Norway (1/2) • 'During the first round of the Norway Chess tournament, Garry Kasparov appeared in the commentary box hosted by Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam, editor-in-chief of New in Chess, and Nigel Short. While analyzing the games in progress, he also answered questions regarding players such as Caruana and Karjakin, and clarified a number of points on the campaign. He didn't mince words.' [6/5/2014]

Kasparov answers questions in Norway (2/2) • 'In this second part, Garry faces provocative questions, starting with Levon Aronian's allegation that aside from Kasparov and Karpov, there were no good players in the 80s. Even Short presents some misgivings, but it is not over when the former world champion is asked to discuss the 1.e4 and 1.d4 debate and why it has virtually disappeared from elite play.' [6/6/2014]

First US Congressional Chess Tournament • 'Stemming from a US Senate resolution to recognize St. Louis as the US Capital of Chess, chess patron Rex Sinquefield met with members of congress to promote chess education, supported by Garry Kasparov. This led to the 1st Congressional Chess Tournament with US congressmen facing off over the chess board, teamed up with rising US chess prodigies.' [6/20/2014]

Kasparov interviewed by King • 'Playchess viewers have been treated to more than the expected dose of grandmaster commentary of the games. Daniel King has been on-site conducting interviews each and every day, live on Playchess. When Garry Kasparov sat at the table, days before the elections on August 11th, King quizzed him on everything from the world championship, the campaign, and even what he taught Magnus.' [8/7/2014]

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov remains FIDE President • 'In a very hostile environment today's General Assembly was held. With all the votes counted the official tally is Kirsan Ilyumzhinov 110. The current FIDE President will maintain his position until the next General Elections. It seems as if the Kasparov Campaign simply did not reach the votes they needed, and it certainly was not as close as expected.' [8/11/2014]

FIDE (and ECU) elections in the international press • 'As you know the election for the FIDE presidency was won on Monday by incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov against challenger Garry Kasparov. Today the international press has devoted a number of articles to this news item. Another almost remained unnoticed: GM Zurab Azmaiparashvili unseated the President of the European Chess Union Silvio Danailov.' [8/12/2014]