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Chessbase.com Posts on Garry Kasparov
Working file, April 2013

Chessbase.com posts on Kasparov; working file for Kasparov at 50 (April 2013).


Garry Kasparov: he's back and he's – teaching! • 'What brings a dozen young and talented chess kids to a skyscraper somewhere in the middle of Manhattan in New York City, on a pre-summer weekend in June? Why would those same kids completely take over the richly decorated, large conference room on a top floor, belonging to a successful financial company? To learn chess from the greatest, that's why.' [24.6.2008]

Women's World Championship: Georgian players withdraw • '"The Organizing Committee is deeply disappointed and bewildered by the attempts of some circles to break up the competition," writes Chairman Arsen Kanokov. "If the world championship is not shifted to another country, it will be impossible for the Georgian chess players to participate," writes the Georgian Chess Federation. Background information and a WSJ article by Garry Kasparov.' [17.8.2008]

Kasparov in the Harlem Children's Zone • 'The Harlem Children's Zone is staging a Chess Festival on Sunday, September 28th. It features free chess lessons, a free drawing for 300 chess sets and T-shirts, problem-solving contests and free refreshments. As part of the celebration, Kasparov will play 20 games simultaneously against student players from Harlem.' [26.9.2008]

Garry Kasparov Plays in Harlem • 'Recently, the gaze that used to make top grandmasters shake was focused on grade-school kids. The Harlem Children's Zone and the Kasparov Chess Foundation brought the best local players and the former world champion together in an unforgettable event. Hundreds of people came to watch Kasparov's simul and to participate in the First Harlem Children's Zone Chess Festival.' [7.10.2008]

Bring on Kasparov says Anand • 'That is just one of hundreds of headlines in Indian newspapers and web news agencies. There are interviews and video reports by Indian journalists who were in Bonn for the World Championship match. Anand's parents speak, and wife Aruna admits she is not the only woman behind Anand’s success.' [1.11.2008]

Mamedyarov and Kasparov win in Corsica • 'While Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik were playing their ninth game for the World Championship title in Bonn, Germany, Kramnik's predecessor, thirteenth World Champion Garry Kasparov, was also playing competitive chess: a clock simul against the five strongest players on the island. Azeri GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov won the Ninth Corsican Circuit.' [3.11.2008]

Kasparov urges Obama: now's the time for decisive action • 'Part of the success in yesterday's US election can be attributed to the simple fact that Barack Obama isn't George W. Bush, that bouquet of classic American stereotypes that are so easy to hate. But now that we have the change that we can believe in it is time to back up inspiring rhetoric with decisive action. More in Garry Kasparov's editorial piece.' [5.11.2008]

Kasparov gets personal – in a remarkable BBC interview • 'This is the former world champion as you have seldom heard him before. Interviewed for BBC Radio 4 by Fergal Keane, Garry Kasparov speaks about his youth, his parents, his heritage, ethnicity in the Soviet Union and Russia, his political struggle and whether he thinks he will survive it. This interview will go offline in six days.' [14.1.2009]

Kasparov: Anand’s reign will end soon • 'It sounds ominous, when quoted by the broadsheets and repeated in chess blogs. "Vishy is a brilliant player," Kasparov said in New Delhi, "but it is very difficult to compete at 40. I will be surprised if he can go on any longer." Kasparov himself will soon be 46, Anand is pushing forty, and there are 13 and 14-year-olds out there baying at their heels.' [17.3.2009]

Obama to meet Kasparov in Moscow • 'US President Barack Obama is meeting with several prominent members of the Russian opposition, including United Civil Front leader (and former chess world champion) Garry Kasparov. The meeting is set to take place on July 7th at the Ritz Carlton hotel. "The previous American administration didn’t dare to do this,” said Kasparov in a radio interview.' [4.7.2009]

No mystery: what Kasparov said to Obama • 'On Tuesday former World Chess Champion and oppositional leader Garry Kasparov met with Barack Obama. Russian state media quickly sought to marginalise the meeting between the US President and the "ex-grandmaster". State controlled Russia Today: "What exactly Kasparov and other opposition leaders talked about with Obama, remains a mystery."' [8.7.2009]

Karpov-Kasparov: Grudge Match in Valencia • 'They played each other in five big World Championship matches, most famously in 1984, when their first encounter was abandoned after 48 games without a final decision. Now to mark the 25th anniversary Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov will play a 12-game match – four rapid and eight blitz games – from 21 to 24 September, 2009, in Valencia, Spain.' [30.8.2009]

Carlsen and Kasparov join forces • 'It was the best-kept secret of the year: Magnus Carlsen, at 18 already the fourth highest ranked player in the world, has won the legendary Garry Kasparov, arguably the greatest player in chess history, as his personal trainer. The goal is to make Magnus the world's number one in the course of the coming year. The Norwegian newspaper VG has broken the news.' [7.9.2009]

Media blitz: Kasparov and Carlsen in Oslo • 'A scheduled training session with Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen was used as an occasion to meet the Norwegian press. The two sat down for a friendly game against Education Minister Solhjell, and all three answered questions for a Channel 2 journalist. The government is set to back their brightest chess star, said the Minister, and his country's bid to host a Chess Olympiad.' [17.9.2009]

Kasparov and Carlsen on Norway's NRK talk show • 'Nobody watches long interviews on the Internet any more – Google and YouTube have satiated us pretty much. But sometimes you have to make an exception. Here are Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen talking about their cooperation to make the latter the number one in chess. The discussion on Norway's NRK Nett-TV talk show is charming and insightful.' [22.9.2009]

Karpov-Kasparov: Match start in Valencia today • 'Exactly 25 years after their first encounter – the World Championship match in Moscow – the perennial opponents Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov are playing a twelve-game rapid and blitz match in the Spanish city of Valencia. The rounds start on Tuesday at 19:00h CEST (21:00h Moscow, 1 p.m. NY), with two days of rapid games and one for blitz.' [22.9.2009]

Valencia: Kasparov starts with 2-0 crunch • 'Twenty-five years and still going strong: Garry Kasparov started his commemorative match against eternal rival Anatoly Karpov with two quick wins. The first game was over in 24 moves, when Karpov overstepped his time; and the second ended in 28 moves after a flashy kingside attack by Kasparov.' [23.9.2009]

Valencia: Karpov wins game three, Kasparov wins the match 3-1 • 'Day two of the commemorative rapid chess match saw Anatoly Karpov win a fine game against the man who dethroned him as World Champion 25 years ago. In the final game Garry Kasparov only needed a draw, but put on the pressure until Karpov crumbled and lost – again – on time. The final score of 3.0-1.0 is exactly what the ratings predicted.' [24.9.2009]

Valencia: Kasparov's blitz win, final score 9.0-3.0 • 'Everyone expected an easy win by Kasparov, but their eight-game blitz encounter started with a shock loss. Karpov drew first blood, Kasparov took a "deep breath" 17-move draw to clear his head, and then went on to score five wins in a row. The final game was a draw, leaving Kasparov winning the blitz with 6.0-2.0 and the match with 9.0-3.0 – exactly as their ratings predicted.' [25.9.2009]

Video interview with Garry Kasparov on Valencia • 'Garry Kasparov won the commemorative match against Anatoly Karpov convincingly by 9.0-3.0. After it was over GM Robert Fontaine, roving reporter for the French magazine Europe Echecs, sat down with the winner to discuss the games, the match, and Kasparov's work with the young chess star Magnus Carlsen. The interview is presented in two sections.' [28.9.2009]

Kasparov: 'Something is dead wrong in chess' • 'The recent match between Kasparov and Karpov in Valencia, Spain, was a tremendous success. That is tragic, says Garry Kasparov – when two old guys, one retired, the other no longer a real force in the game, still are the greatest show in the world of chess. In his interview with GM Robert Fontaine for the French magazine Europe Echecs Kasparov vents his feelings on this and other subjects.' [30.9.2009]

CNN: Kasparov on chess and politics • 'When he is not watching his charge, chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen, on Playchess, Garry Kasparov is talking to the media giants. CNN's Becky Anderson discussed chess, computers and Russian politics with him. "I started from a totally lost position," says Kasparov on the last subject, "but the Russian opposition still exists."' [7.10.2009]

Video report: Garry Kasparov at Your Next Move • '"Think fast. Think under pressure. Think strategically. That’s how you win in business – and in chess." That's the motto of Your Next Move, an organisation that for the third time staged a chess event near Antwerp centered around Garry Kasparov. It was captured by the Belgian Sports TV company EXQI and is now available in extraordinary high definition.' [2.11.2009]

Carlsen: I am constantly in touch with Kasparov • '"Until recently I was a schoolboy," says a candid Magnus Carlsen, "I am not very accustomed to rigid, hard and painstaking work. Only by working with Garry Kasparov have I become aware of just how important it is." The 18-year-old winner of the 2009 World Blitz Championship, and the inofficial world number one player, gives credit where it's due in this Vremya (Time) interview.' [19.11.2009]

Training in style – Kasparov and Carlsen in Marrakech • 'When you are the world's number one player, and when your coach is the legendary Garry Kasparov, then you don't go into training camp just anywhere. Magnus Carlsen travelled to Morocco, took residence in a five-star garden hotel, and conducted intense preparation for the Wijk aan Zee super-GM. The two also played a double simul for their hosts.' [13.1.2010]

Bisik-Bisik with Garry Kasparov – Part 1 • 'Last year Garry Kasparov visited Asia – for the first time since the Philippines Olympiad in 1992. He was in India and in Malaysia, where our reporter Edwin Lam did a Q&A with him. Kasparov spoke engagingly and candidly about Asia, his early career as a chess player, his protégé Magnus Carlsen and his Chess Foundation in America.' [19.1.2010]

Bisik-Bisik with Garry Kasparov – Part 2 • 'At the end of last year Garry Kasparov sat down for an indepth interview with our Malaysian correspondent Edwin Lam Choong Wai. In part one he spoke about his early years and his collaboration with Magnus Carlsen. In the current session he talks about the first Karpov-Kasparov match, the anniversary exhibition in 2009, and his strength in simultaneous play.' [25.1.2010]

Bisik-Bisik with Garry Kasparov – Part 3 • 'In the first part Garry talked about his growing up years and his collaboration with Magnus Carlsen. In part 2 he touched on the preparations made for his very first match against Karpov and the recent K-K anniversary exhibition match. In this third part Kasparov answered questions about “making a comeback”, his family, politics and a new variant of Fischer Random chess.' [7.2.2010 ]

25 years ago: termination of the first K-K match • 'It was one of the most controversial decisions in chess history: on February 15, 1985, the President of FIDE Florencio Campomanes terminated the World Championship match between Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov after 48 games. Twenty years later "Campo" spoke about the reasons for the step he took. A new book published in Russia contradicts his version.' [15.2.2010]

Goals met – Kasparov and Carlsen's new strategy • 'The cooperation between Garry Kasparov, arguably the greatest chess player in history, and Magnus Carlsen, one of its greatest talents, began early last year. The results came faster than anyone had expected: Magnus was number one in the last two world rankings. Now the work between the two takes a new direction, with Magnus making all career decisions on his own.' [3.3.2010]

American Gambit: Kasparov vs US Juniors • 'Today is Garry Kasparov's 47th birthday. Reader Ben Vinyard of Woodstock, USA, sent us a YouTube link with "a cool video on a simul Kasparov gave in 1988". A perfect birthday gift for the former World Champion, who was 24 at the time. We know for a fact that Garry has not seen the video – at least not in the last fifteen or twenty years.' [13.4.2010]

Kasparov and Carlsen – together again in Oslo • 'Former World Champion Garry Kasparov was in Norway to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum – but also to meet up with his young colleague and sometime student Magnus Carlsen, currently number one in the world rankings. The two were interviewed by the national NRK TV.' [5.5.2010]

Big Karpov fund-raiser in New York • 'Karpov, Kasparov and Carlsen – two former and one very likely future world champion – took part in a launch party and fundraiser in the spectacular Trump SoHo Hotel in New York. It is for Karpov's bid to become President of FIDE. There were chess games as well as entertainment and champagne, which introduced a slight complication in the festivities.' [18.5.2010]

Fundraiser in New York – echo in the press • 'A one-night binge in the Trump SoHo Hotel brought chess into the highlights of the international press. Karpov, Kasparov and Carlsen [memo: he must change that to Karlsen!] generated a large number of international reports, almost outshining the World Chess Championship in Sofia. Not unexpectedly the stories reflect the challenger's side of the ticket.' [19.5.2010]

Name your Hero: Garry Kasparov in Tel Aviv • 'He is not so jaded as some may think. Garry Kasparov was recently in Tel Aviv, Israel, as the winner of the "Name your Hero" competition, and did his 30-game simul thing, winning every game as usual. But he was most excited about meeting the famous scientists who had won the Dan David prizes. Like Leonard Kleinrock, who had failed to transmit the word L-O-G-I-N.' [13.6.2010]

Kasparov discovers America – report from Nicaragua • 'ˇViene un Genio! That was just one of the modest headlines that ran before Garry Kasparov's visit to Nicaragua last weekend. The 13th world champion was there, together with Nigel Short, to campaign for the 12th, Anatoly Karpov, who is running for FIDE President. Most of the region's federation presidents met with Kasparov and several of them pledged their support.' [8.6.2010]

Karpov2010 fund-raiser at Simpson's in London • 'Remember the Karpov fund-raiser in New York? A similar extravaganza will take place in London, in the famous Simpson's-in-the-Strand, where 19th century intellectuals, sitting on comfortable divans, discussed politics and played chess. Steinitz, Morphy, Lasker and Zukertort were regulars. On Sept. 8th you can join forces with Kasparov, Adams, Short and McShane in exhibition games' [13.7.2010]

Magnus vs the World in the RAW Chess Challenge • 'He has just topped the latest FIDE rating list, for the fifth time in succession. Now Magnus Carlsen, 19-year-old chess phenomenon from Norway, is taking on the world. On Friday, September 10th, as part of his fashion promotion for G-Star, he will play a one-day match in New York against registered users, who are coached by three top international players – and Garry Kasparov.' [2.9.2010]

Magnus pounds The World in RAW Chess Challenge • 'It was the chess spectacle of the year. Tens of thousands of spectators joined three strong grandmasters to play the world's highest ranked player Magnus Carlsen. The event took place in a penthouse overlooking New York City, with GMs Maurice Ashley and Garry Kasparov commenting, and Hollywood actress Liv Tyler dropping in.' [12.9.2010]

Kasparov beats Short in London fund-raiser • '"The guest list included over 100 millionaires and three billionaires," says our awestricken reporter Steve Giddins about the Gala fund-raiser in London. It was in benefit of Anatoly Karpov's campaign for the FIDE presidency and included a consultation game between Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short, which Steve managed to broadcast to Playchess directly from Simpson's-in-the-Strand.' [13.9.2010]

Ilyumzhinov wins FIDE election by 95 votes to 55 • 'The vote took two hours, and the final count was 95 for the incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, 55 for the challenger Anatoly Karpov and three abstentions (four years ago Ilyumzhinov beat Bessel Kok by 96-54). The renewed victory was achieved mostly with votes from smaller federations in Asia, Africa and South America, while Karpov's votes came mainly from European countries.' [29.9.2010]

Your Next Move - Kasparov plays simul broadcast online • 'In an event organized by Your Next Move for the fourth time, promoting chess in schools and its status as a sport, Garry Kasparov played a simul against top Belgium CEOs, politicians and a selection of children. The event was broadcast online with live and lively commentary by GM Nigel Short and IM Almira Skripchenko.' [12.10.2010]

First Grand Chess Festival by UNAM in Mexico • 'The event is just huge and is a chess lover's dream come true. It is hosting the Ibero-American Championship, then there is a high-profile bonanza with 10-minute games with stars such as Topalov, Polgar, and Ivanchuk, plus simuls by Karpov and Kasparov, a huge outdoor chess art exhibition, lectures, a recreation of "The Turk", and a giant open.' [21.11.2010 ]

The Sunday treat: Garry at Google • 'Yes, we know: nobody watches videos – certainly not long chess reports. But this is an exception. Take an hour off and follow this discussion with Garry Kasparov in the unique Googleplex environment. The former World Champion touches on a number of interesting topics: man and machine, talent, courage for risk, politics in Russia.' [28.11.2010]

Kasparov at the London Chess Classic • 'On the final day of the Chess Classic a snowstorm hit Scotland – and hurricane Garry Kasparov descended on London. Both were similarly titanic events, the latter involving CNN taking over part of the venue. It was interesting to see a network news program made – and to talk to the former World Champion, who had an interesting comment on the scoring system in London.' [18.12.2010]

Arte: through the night with... • 'Garry Kasparov, who requires no introduction on the news page, and Peter Andreas Thiel, a German-born American entrepreneur and venture capitalist who was instrumental in founding or promoting companies like PayPal, Facebook and LinkedIn (and is a 2300 strength chess player). The two spent a day together in New York, and the European TV network Arte recorded the event.' [5.1.2011]

Garry Kasparov as you have never seen him before • 'The idea for a series of commercial spots, produced with the former World Champion Dutch banking giant ING, is unique: Kasparov and a host wear the hats of different countries and speak about openings named after them: the English, Polish, Russian. The video clips, posted on the bank's home page and on YouTube, are multilingual, short and going viral in the chess community.' [21.1.2011]

Garry and Dasha win 20,000 for ailing children • 'In Georgia there is a TV show modeled after "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” The prize sum is quite modest by Western standards, but when Garry Kasparov and his wife Dasha took part they had pledged to donate their winnings to a brother and sister who urgently need heart surgery. We have all the questions and challenge you to match your wits with the former World Champion.' [26.2.2011]

The Porsche-Kasparov Gambit • 'Chess and cars aren't usually thought of together, except perhaps with the checkered flag, but this Kasparov event on 7 April may change that. First, face Kasparov in a simul or even in a one-on-one blitz game. Then explore one of the greatest sports car collections in the world at the Collier Automotive Museum in Naples, Florida, which is usually closed to the public.' [25.3.2011]

Garry Kasparov in Naples • 'It cost $1000 for a place in the simul, $5000 for a blitz game against the famous World Champion. The money went to an organisation called Revere America, and the event took place in the private Collier Automotive Museum, in Naples, Florida. Garry gave the visitors a pleasurable evening, the visitors took home photos and signed memorabilia.' [9.4.2011]

Kasparov on 25 Years of ChessBase • 'He was there at the start – actually before that, when a chess database was just an idea in the minds of a few enthusiasts. And when he saw the first prototype Garry Kasparov immediately pushed for its completion. For the 25th anniversary of ChessBase he sent us a very moving statement, recorded in his study in Moscow, describing the birth of what he calls the ChessBase generation.' [8.6.2011]

Garry Kasparov launches Chess Foundation in Europe • 'Garry Kasparov and Jan Callewaert, founder of Option, today announced the creation of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe. The mission of this non-profit organization will be to bring the many educational benefits of chess to children and young people throughout schools in Europe, both public and private, by providing a complete chess curriculum and enrichment programs.' [9.6.2011]

Garry Kasparov chats with Brazilian icon Jô Soares • 'While visiting Brazil, Garry Kasparov was interviewed by the Brazilian talk show host and icon, Jô Soares. Soares, a well-known polyglot, conducted the entire interview in English, and had come very well-prepared as he started the discussion with the champion's retirement in 2005, talking about the inauguration of the Kasparov Chess Foundation in Săo Paulo, and more.' [8.9.2011]

Kasparov defeats Vachier-Lagrave in Clichy exhibition • 'In his continued promotion for chess instruction in schools, and the Kasparov Chess Foundation, this weekend Garry Kasparov gave an exhibition blitz match in Clichy against the 2011 French champion, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. The match, covered by the French mass media, was won by Kasparov with a flourish.' [19.9.2011]

Kasparov in Clichy - video analysis by IM Andrew Martin • 'It was a wake up call and reminder that Kasparov is not so far gone into retirement that he is no longer competitive at the top. By soundly beating Vachier-Lagrave in two highly publicized blitz games, a top talent rated over 2700, Kasparov showed he wasn't just there for the cameras, he was out for blood. IM Andrew Martin dissected the games and gave insightful commentary in his video analysis.' [22.9.2011]

Duel of chess legends Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short • 'They slugged it out for the World Championship in London in 1993. Now, 18 years later, the two are back at the board for an eight-game blitz match in Belgium. Sponsors and organisers are "Your Next Move", an initiative that supports chess as a sport and aims at creating an impetus among young people aged six to twelve.' [3.10.2011]

Garry Kasparov beats Nigel Short 4.5-3.5 in Belgium Blitz • 'It was like in the good old days – back in London in 1993. On Sunday Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short played an eight-game blitz match. First Garry dominated, then Nigel fired back, and the decision came in the final game. It was an enthralling experience for the audience in Leuven, well organised by the Belgian charity "Your Next Move".' [12.10.2011 ]

Gary Kasparov in Brazil – The new man in charge • 'Garry Kasparov is different. However, it's neither his physical appearance nor his way of walking into a wave of applause that is changed in the former world champion. Seven years later, he has returned less arrogant and less self-sufficient and, for the first time, demonstrates a subtle feeling of gratitude and humility, never seen before in his public career.' [19.10.2011]

Now it's official: Kasparov is training Nakamura • 'Some knew, some thought they knew, and speculation was rampant during the Grand Slam Final in Săo Paulo and Bilbao. Yes, Garry Kasparov, who famously trained Magnus Carlsen, is now working with Hikaru Nakamura. The real story is in the details, straight from the protagonists themselves, and you can find them in the latest issue of New in Chess Magazine.' [1.11.2011]

VG Nett quotes Carlsen on the Kasparov-Nakamura cooperation • 'Magnus Carlsen, as you probably know, was trained by Garry Kasparov in 2009 and 2010, then in March 2010 the two terminated their collaboration. Last week it was revealed that Kasparov had taken on a new trainee, American GM Hikaru Nakamura – since January this year. After a long New in Chess interview with both proponents now Magnus has aired his views in this VG Nett report.' [11.11.2011]

Kasparov: 'Putin's just like Al Capone' • 'After a poor showing by Russia's ruling party in Sunday's parliamentary elections, thousands of citizens are gathering in opposition to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin – reminding us of the Arab Spring uprisings and the Occupy Wall Street movement. One of the opposition leaders, former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, has to take care when sipping his tea, as the Telegraph reports.' [6.12.2011]

Kasparov moves for scholastic chess in Turkey • '"We would like to think of chess not as a game but as a special learning tool that improves results. We focus on the word ‘education’ and not the word ‘chess’." That is the path taken in the heavily funded Fatih Project, which is aimed at realization of computer techology supported education in Turkey. Kasparov met with high-ranking officials to discuss the project and his involvement in it.' [14.12.2011]

Now it's official: Kasparov no longer training Nakamura • 'In a carefully orchestrated scoop the Dutch magazine New in Chess broke the news on November 1st: Garry Kasparov, who famously trained Magnus Carlsen, was now working with US GM Hikaru Nakamura. Now, just a month and a half later, it is official: the two will not be working together any longer. This comes after Nakamura's second-biggest career win in London.' [16.12.2011]

Magnus Carlsen – 'I don't quite fit into the usual schemes' • 'He is by his own admission a chess genius, weaned on computers, a supreme expert on openings, and the hardest worker amongst the top players. Actually, when you have gone through this remarkable ChessPro interview with Magnus Carlsen – which you must – you will recognize that all of the fairly plausible claims in our initial statement are false – in fact the opposite is true.' [22.12.2011]

Strasbourg: Getting chess into schools Europe-wide • 'For six months now the Kasparov Chess Foundation has been lobbying to get chess introduced into the curriculum of schools in Europe. With the help of the British charity Chess in Schools Garry Kasparov worked the members of the European Parliament, so far garnering 377 of the 380 signatures required. You can help: call your MEPs and tell them to sign the declaration.' [27.2.2012]

Kasparov – picking games for the Chess Informant • 'The Chess Informant is a periodical publication with a survey of topical games, annotated by experts. Now, as the publishers proudly inform us, they have a special section in which former World Champion Garry Kasparov annotates the game he considers most important. It starts in the next issue, and the Director of the Informant tells us we will never guess which game Kasparov chose.' [26.3.2012]

Kasparov in Estonia – interview with Postimees • 'Garry Kasparov is on the roll. Apart from his political activities in Russia he is travelling around the world to actively promote chess in schools. He is also completing a book with a very startling thesis (in our times technical innovation has ground to a halt). And he has spoken about historical chess rating records in a lengthy telephone interview with an Estonian newspaper.' [14.4.2012]

World Championship G6 – A sixth draw; Kasparov comments • 'It was a sixth straight draw, and though no significant advantage was ever achieved, the chances were Gelfand's, which was in itself both promising and worrisome. Promising as he got a small edge, but worrisome as Anand has held Gelfand so easily with Black so far. Perhaps the highlight was the surprise commentator: Garry Kasparov.' [18.5.2012]

Georgian Championship 2012 + Kasparov's visit • 'In our previous report we brought you pictures of the leading players, with frank and candid comments on their careers, interests and hobbies. The second part is dedicated to lesser-known but still very interesting Georgian players, and to the visit on the final day by Garry Kasparov, who signed an agreement with the national Department of Education for a program of Chess in Schools.' [30.5.2012]

Garry Kasparov celebrates special 10th anniversary in Manhattan • 'Back in 2002, Garry Kasparov was the world's top-ranked chessplayer and the launch of the Kasparov Chess Foundation seemed unlikely to receive much of his attention. But in 10 years KCF has brought chess into thousands of US classrooms and expanded with branches in Brussels and Johannesburg. Over cake in Midtown we spoke with Kasparov on chess in education, FIDE, and more.' [19.6.2012]

Kasparov on Alan Turing and his 'Paper Machine' • 'June 23, 2012 marks the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing, arguably the most famous computer scientist of all time. The Turing Centenary Conference will be held in Manchester, where a large number of high-voltage speakers will gather, many Turing Award winners. One interests us in particular: Garry Kasparov will speak about the reconstruction of Turing's 'Paper Machine' for chess.' [22.6.2012]

Alan Turing Plays Garry Kasparov At Chess 58 Years After His Death • 'That is the title of a Huffington Post story on an historic encounter during the Turing Centenary Conference in Manchester last weekend. After his lecture on the reconstruction of the Turing "Paper Machine" for chess Garry Kasparov actually played a game against the reconstructed version of the machine, which you can download and test yourself.' [27.6.2012]

Kasparov arrested and beaten at Pussy Riot trial • 'The former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov was beaten and arrested outside the Moscow court house where the Pussy Riot trial is taking place. Kasparov was not protesting, but simply trying to attend the reading of the verdict – two years' prison for three young women who staged a church protest in February. He was cornered and arrested. Latest: Kasparov has now been released.' [17.8.2012]

Garry Kasparov: ‘They Were Trying to Break My Leg’ • 'New, harrowing video has emerged of Kasparov being severely man- handled by Moscow police, and now we hear that he could face a five-year jail sentence for allegedly biting a police officer. Protests in Russia are growing – it would be a hilarious irony if they led to a "Russian Summer" and the downfall of the Putin government over an action involving a punk band called Pussy Riot.' [18.8.2012]

Did he bite a police officer? Kasparov on his unlawful arrest • 'Some people are out to get him. The allegation that Kasparov had bitten a police officer in the course of his violent arrest is clearly intended to provide grounds for a jail sentence. However, using BBC video Kasparov is able to demonstrate that the officer in question, his hands clearly visible before, during, and after the police assault, was never injured.' [20.8.2012]

Breaking news: Kasparov cleared of protest charges! • 'The accusation that Garry Kasparov had bitten a police officer is clearly intended to provide grounds for a jail sentence. A BBC video had come to Garry's defence, and now a chronological series of new photographs clearly shows that the police officer had a scratch on his left hand before the tussle with Kasparov. On Friday Kasparov spent 9˝ hours in a Russian court and scored a partial victory. ' [24.8.2012 ]

Garry Kasparov on FIDE and Istanbul Olympiad • 'The 13th world champion was not in Istanbul just to cheer on the Russian team and its new coach, his old trainer Yuri Dokhoian. Kasparov took part in complex negotiations to reform FIDE's rules on elections, stemming from lawsuits against FIDE during the 2010 Karpov campaign. In this exclusive interview we also get his thoughts on the Russian and Armenian teams, and even some chess.' [13.9.2012]

Hurricane Kasparov makes landfall in Germany • 'On Thursday Garry Kasparov flew in to Hamburg, en route to a big chess event on Saturday in Lüneburg, about fifty km to the south. Not one to waste any time, Garry is currently (Friday afternoon) recording a DVD in the ChessBase office studio, one that retraces his life and chess career from the start to 1985, just before he became World Champion.' [21.9.2012]

Kasparov in Lüneburg, Minister to promote chess in schools • 'Recently the northern German city of Lüneburg saw a festive chess event. Guests of honour was Garry Kasparov and the Culture Minister of Lower Saxony Dr. Bernd Althusmann. Kasparov used the opportunity to pressure the minister into making chess part of the school curriculum. If things go as planned a pilot project will soon introduce chess as a regular subject in 100 schools.' [4.10.2012]

2012 WYCC: Twelve new world champions are crowned • '1584 players came from 92 countries for 11 rounds of non-stop action, and at the end no fewer than 12 new world champions were crowned. It was fitting that for their first title as world champion, none other than Garry Kasparov, full of praise for the event, came to give the prizes. Many special winners were crowned from a 14-year-old winning the U18, to the one player to score a perfect 100%.' [21.11.2012]

Kasparov and Chess in Schools in Georgia • 'These days the chess legend Garry Kasparov seems to have one thing predominantly on his mind: introducing chess in schools all over the world. Last year we saw his efforts in Germany, and now he has officiated in actually implementing a programme in Georgia, a country with possibly the highest computer and Internet penetration in the world.' [20.2.2013]

Kasparov to receive Human Rights Award • 'UN Watch has decided to grant the Morris B. Abram Human Rights Award to Garry Kasparov for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in Russia. Kasparov will receive the award on June 5 at a gala dinner in Geneva's historic Hotel des Bergues. Executive director Hillel Neuer said: "Mr. Kasparov is not only one of the world's smartest men, he is also among its bravest."' [10.4.2013]

Garry Kasparov turns fifty • 'He is widely considered the greatest chess player of all time – the youngest ever undisputed World Chess Champion. Garry Kimovich Kasparov dominated chess for twenty years, until his retirement in 2005. Since then he has devoted his time to politics and writing. Today Garry turns fifty, and we wish him a very happy birthday with a nostalgic look at the past 25 years.' [13.4.2013]