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The Year 2007 in Review
International Events

In 2007, we added 15 events rated category 17 or higher to our Famous Tournaments (see link box), not counting the 8 player, cat.XXI World Championship tournament at Mexico City. The 15 events, compared to 12 in 2006 and 8 in 2005, including three cat.XX, two cat.XIX, and three cat.XVIII.

In January, Aronian, Topalov, and Radjabov tied for first in the year's traditional kickoff event, the Corus tournament (cat. XIX, 14 player round robin) at Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands. They were a half-point ahead of Kramnik, who was a half-point ahead of Anand.

Following on the heels of Corus was Linares, or Morelia/Linares as it is known since the split Mexico/Spain venue was introduced a few years ago. Anand won the event (cat.XX, 8 player double round robin) a full point ahead of Carlsen and Morozevich.

Because of its special format, we don't count the annual Amber tournament in March at Monte Carlo (cat. XX, 12 players) among the Famous Tournaments that we track. Kramnik won the blindfold event with +7-0=4; Anand won the rapid event with +6-0=5; and Kramnik won the combined event 2.0 points ahead of Anand.

In May, Topalov converted his home team advantage for the third year in a row by winning the MTel Masters at Sofia, Bulgaria (cat.XIX, 6 player double round robin). After starting with only a single draw in the first three games, he came roaring back to finish a half point ahead of four players with an even score of 5.0.

Kramnik won the other category 20 events. In June he finished the Dortmund Sparkassen (cat.XX, 8 player round robin) 1.0 points ahead of Alekseev, Leko, and Anand. In November he finished the Tal Memorial in Moscow 1.5 points ahead of Shirov.

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