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Calculate Your Chess Rating
It's easy with the Javascript Rating Calculator.

To get started, you'll need your opponents' ratings. Enter your current rating, your opponents' ratings, and your results. Then click 'Calculate'. The tool will determine your new rating plus show some intermediate numbers used to compute the rating. (You must also have JavaScript enabled in your browser.)

Required input:-
Your current rating (Ro)

Enter your opponents' ratings separated by spaces; +/-/= for win/loss/draw, e.g. +1600 -1850 =1725.

Optional input:-
K-factor (K)

Number of games (Gms)
Your score (W)
Your expected score (We)
Your new rating
Your performance rating


Your new rating = [Ro + K * (W - We)]
Your performance rating = [(Total of opponents' ratings + 400 * (Wins - Losses)) / Gms]

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