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Chess Quizzes for Beginners : Notation, Setup, and Moves
It's quiz time! If you get a perfect score, then you know how to play chess.

You've learned the basics of chess notation, how to set up the board for a new game, and how the pieces move. Now you want to see how well you've learned the basics. It's quiz time!

Close your books and take the following short quizzes. Each quiz is in two column format. Your task is to match an item from the first column with a corresponding item from the second column.

Each quiz set assumes that you know the material from a previous set. For example, Setup assumes that you know Notation (1st set).

The quizzes aren't particularly difficult, but they can be challenging. If you get a perfect score on all of them, then you definitely know how to play chess!

Notation (1st set):-
1 : Piece names
2 : Geometry (ranks, files, etc.)

1 : Counts of pieces, etc.
2 : Set up from White side
3 : Set up from Black side

Moves (1st set):-
1 : Match piece with description of move
2 : (More of the same)
3 : (More of the same)
4 : Match piece with picture of move

Notation (2nd set):-
3 : Names of squares (with help)
4 : Names of squares (no help)
5 : Names of squares (no help; from Black side)
6 : Special terminology (castles, captures, promotions, etc.)

Moves (2nd set):-
5 : Position from the King's Gambit
6 : Position from the Ruy Lopez
7 : Position from the Sicilian Defense
8 : Position from the Colle System
9 : Position from the King's Indian

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