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The Year 2003 in Review

A Kasparov - Deep Junior match, dubbed the 'The FIDE Man vs. Machine World Chess Championship', was held January/February in New York City. The 6-game match was sponsored by FIDE and presented by X3D Technologies. Each player won one game to leave the match tied. The 1.000.000 USD prize fund was split 750.000 USD for Kasparov and 250.000 USD for the DEEP Deep Junior team.

A Kasparov - X3D Fritz match was held November also in New York City. Kasparov used 3D goggles to see a 3-dimensional board generated by Fritz. Each player again won one game.

Both Junior and Fritz were bested by Shredder at the 11th World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC) held November in Graz. After Shredder and Fritz finished with 9.5 in the 11-round event, 0.5 points ahead of Junior, Shredder won a 2-game playoff against Fritz.

The WCCC event was marred by two controversies. The List program was disqualified after the 8th round for not being 'original work of the entering developers'. Shredder won in the last round only when the operator of Jonny, its opponent, refused to accept a three-fold repetition of position claimed by Jonny.

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