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The Year 2003 in Review
International Events

The year had the usual lineup of international SuperGM events.

In January, Anand won the Corus tournament (cat. XIX, 14 player round robin) in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands, with a score of +4-0=9. Judit Polgar finished second.

In February, Leko and Kramnik tied for 1st/2nd in Linares, Spain, site of the world's strongest annual tournament (cat. XX, 7 player double round robin). Leko took 1st on number of wins. Kasparov and Anand tied for 3rd/4th.

The Linares closing ceremony was marred when young Teimour Radjabov was awarded the brilliancy prize for his win over Kasparov. The ex-World Champion stormed to the microphone and angrily announced, 'I believe that this one is not the best game of the tournament. It has been chosen solely because it was the only game that I lost, and I consider that this is a public insult and a humiliation.'

In March, the Amber Tournament, a 12 player combined rapidplay and blindfold round robin, was held in Monaco. Bareev won the rapidplay tournament, Kramnik won the blindfold tournament, and Anand won the combined event.

Viktor Bologan won the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting (cat. XVIII, 6 player double round robin) in August. His score of +4-1=5 gave him a full point victory over 2nd/3rd finishers Anand and Kramnik.

The 36th Biel (Switzerland) International Chess Festival in July, with nine different tournaments, included a GM tournament (cat. XVI, 6 player double round robin). Alexander Morozevich scored +6-0=4 to win 1.5 points ahead of Etienne Bacrot of France and Ilya Smirin of Israel, who shared 2nd/3rd place.

In August, the main event of the Chess Classic Mainz (Germany) was an 8 game rapidplay match between Anand and Judit Polgar. Every game was decisive and Anand won +5-3=0.

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